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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

For Sale: One Windy City, Slightly Used

OK, so I stole the title from the Guardian. But it was just so cool! A couple weeks ago I joked about the City of Chicago having a Going Out of Business Sale. At least I thought it was a joke. Turns out, tomorrow the city is auctioning off just about anything that isn't tied down in an E-bay auction they're calling The Great Chicago Fire Sale. Art cows, Playboy bunny outfits, manhole covers. Hey does anybody else remember that story a couple weeks back about someone stealing manhole covers? Coincidence, or conspiracy?

Nah, these guys would never steal from the city, would they?

The big news around here is that the mayor's kid is joining the Army. (Yeah, Michael Sneed is a woman. I hear her parents wanted to make her tough. One of her sisters is named Robert). When asked about it, the big guy was proud, paranoid, and incoherent, just like he always is. I'm telling you, this is our candidate.

Update: they are auctioning off the privilege of dying the river green for St. Patrick's day, our local Mardi Gras. Of course, the river green every other day too, but don't tell the tourists.


Trope said...

Gosh, I would consider buying a manhole cover, except (a) it would be more fun to figure out how to steal one and (b) I think if we hung it on the wall we might lose our security deposit.

Daley is worth all the hassle just for the comic relief he provides. "My daughter, and my other daughter," indeed. But what is all this crap about the Mayor's "only living son"? I understand they have a dynasty to uphold, but if I were one of those two daughters, I'd be pissed. The media makes it sound like they aren't worth anything because they might change their name someday.

Wells said...

I agree with Trope. Whats the fun in winning an auction when you can choose the man hole cover for yourself!?

Daley, wow. I must say, wow...