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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Candidate for the People

Democrats need a new kind of candidate to take back this country. I've said before, we need a Democratic answer to George Bush. We need someone who can raise a great deal of money. We need someone who doesn't speak too good, so the common people can relate to him. We need somebody born to power and privilege who comes off as a regular guy. We need a candidate to present simple themes, not complex policy positions. They need someone who can connect to good, old fashioned God-fearing family values, so he can take socially liberal positions without alienating the heartland. We need someone who will campaign hard and dirty. We need someone whom scandals will roll off of like water rolls off a duck because of his winning personality. We need someone who talks like a tough guy on TV. We need someone with political experience from outside Washington DC. We need someone with a record of fighting crime and improving schools.

We need Richard M. Daley.

Daley '08!

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Wells said...

I think Daley is going to have some stiff competition. I would be surprised if Gov. Bill Richardson does not run, and I assume that John Edwards will be back (who has my vote for head of the DNC - or Harold Ickes).

So who do you see for his veep? Wesley Clark?