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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Smells Like Holiday Spirit

Now that we have more space we can put up Christmas decorations just like real Americans! Trope is looking for a spot to hang an ornament where Little Boy can't eat it or smash it. Remember when he was all fuzzy and cute and new?

Aww. He's so perfect! He would never scratch anyone, or break anything, or torture Fat Man or anything. And it's so cute when he sleeps on your head! Now he runs the house and we just live here.

Never trust the cute ones.


Trope said...

Yeah, that's what I always said about you.

Wells said...

Well, slim has been called out. Most cats that sleep with you are more than willing to move when pushed, shushed, or dismissed. Not slim there. He just looks at you while you move him with a "what the hell are you doing? I rule this place. You will never defeat me. I like water, must destroy shiny thing." Seriously, you try to move him, and he slides with the blanket. He doesn't move a muscle. Fat man on the other hand says something in Catish that we lower beings don't understand and then gets over it.

Trope said...

Yeah, and I should mention that "precious" just knocked that pretty Christmas tree over. I say we skin him and hang him like a wreath. Grr.