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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Fafblog is pushing this book by Donald Barthelme as a Christmas gift, which sounds great, although I've never read it. It sounds like it would fit in with my constant wrestling with myself over a holiday season without God. I love Barthelme. I picked a copy of Sadness out of the trash while I was working at a recycling plant in Columbus. Fascinating stories about loneliness and tatoos that it is about time I revisited. I found so much great stuff going through other peoples' trash it was unbelieveable: besides books, people tossed everything from Craftsman tools to blank payroll checks (a story for another time) into the recycling. Speaking of finding stuff, Found Magazine brough a show of found footage to the Empty Bottle Sunday night, and I was too busy with holiday crap to go. I hear it was great, if it comes to a hole in the wall dive bar near you, you should go.

Fafblog has the right idea. If you, too, are still desperately seeking gifts to prove your worthiness to you family, the monkey book sounds like a great way to go.


Bob said...

Fabulous. The tour ended like last week. Although it was in DC in May. Coulda Woulda Shoulda.

Trope said...

Speaking of things found: you're linked on thistles' blog list. Whee! Now you will be famous! Well, famous among people who know thistles.

Also found: an assessment with running commentary or qualifications on almost EVERY question. It's hilarious. I wish I could bring it home. I guess that would violate confidentiality, though.