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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Holiday cheer, and links

Ah, Thanksgiving. Good cheer and good company, food and wine, joy and togetherness, family craziness involving the police (God bless you, Grandma). I hope you all have had a holiday as good as mine, but with less drama. More later.

In the meantime, I'd like to direct your attention to this piece at Kos, a salute to Detroit on their annual sporting day in the sun. Many ex-citizens love Detroit, and miss it. But will they move back? The poster says he may return if a trendy enough loft district materializes. But isn't that like saying you're a patriot, and you'll join the Army just as soon as the war is won?

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Trope said...

While the Detroit-as-war-zone metaphor may be apt, I see the poster (and his trendy friends) as a byproduct of the reconstruction, instead of the driving force. Yes, they would rev the economy by spending their disposable income. But doesn't the city need real industry, not just Starbucks, to re-create the Detroit that all these ex-citizens love? See the recent advertisement for business in Kerhonkson, for example. This man wants businesses downtown that will sell socks and underwear. Isn't this a better model of soldier?