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Friday, November 12, 2004

Caption Contest

I used this picture already at the North Arlington All-Stars blog but I like it so much I'm going to use it again here. This is questionable legal behavior on my part because I stole this picture from Yahoo! news and I should technically be paying the photographer to use his work. But I don't know who took this picture, and it appears he's got other things to worry about right now. I like this picture because I have no idea what's going on here, and I don't even know who does. This was taken yesterday in the city of Mosul, in northern Iraq. This guy appears to be an Iraqi "insurgent," carrying American-supplied police gear. I have read reports that insurgents in Mosul have overrun several police stations and stolen weapons, equipment and ammo. I have also read that some Iraqi police have switched sides and started fighting alongside the insurgents. In addition, apparently there have been US airstrikes in Mosul, and parts of the city have become Vietnam-style "Free Fire Zones" - anyone seen crossing the Tigris after curfew is to be shot on sight. This situation is interesting because Mosul used to be fairly quiet. I mean, last year when Saddam's sons were cornered and killed there, you didn't see the city rise up and defend the Hussein boys, and didn't we train all these cops since then? It seems to me that the "former regime elements" story we've been spoon-fed is rather unlikely.

Hence my "caption contest." Somebody explain what's going on here. Is this guy a good cop gone bad? A Fallujan guerilla who fled the fighting there, deciding he'd rather get himself killed in the much more pleasant northern climate? Or an Iraqi trick-or-treater caught in the wrong place in the wrong time? (Gimme candy or I'll blow up your car). If you don't know what's going on here either, just make something up. The mainstream media has been doing exactly that for the past two years, printing all kinds of things about WMDs, Saddam being killed by airstrikes, "dead-enders," reconstruction of Iraqi schools, Ansar al-Islam, foreign fighters, Najaf, Fallujah, and elections that they just made up or heard from somebody who worked for the CIA or was Iraqi or had been to Iraq or anyway wore one of those headdresses and looked kinda swarthy. And they get paid for this kind of thing. So you tell me - what's going on here? Don't be shy - nobody else in this country knows anything about it, either.

Grand prize is a twelve-pack of beer. I am the sole judge and abiter of truth.


david said...

how can i top Public Enemy?

"So get up get, get get down
911 is a joke in yo town"

Wells said...

Straight from Jackie Brown:

"When you absolutely have to kill every mother%&*^#$ in the room, accept no substitute."

Elwood Grobnik said...

From the Haloscan at the Tally Ho:

*A Republican challenger manning the barricades to bravely defend an African American precinct from voter fraud.

*I think it's Sidney [Bristow] on a secret mission to steal American weapons back from the Iraqis who swiped them from sleeping guards as they snuck out of Fallujah. The fiery backdrop is just a set.

*[imagine a Sally Struthers' voice-over] "For just a dollar a day you too can adopt your own counter-revolutionary"

*Saddam never let us run through the streets with these kinds of toys to kill infidels with. Long with George W. Bush!

Elwood Grobnik said...

Rocket the VoteP. Diddy announced on the weekend that his “Vote or Die” campaign will live on. The hip-hop mogul's voter-registration drive during the U.S. presidential elections was, he said, merely “phase one, step one for us to get people engaged.” But first they are going to need to flip the slogan from “Vote or Die!” to “Die, Then Vote!” Escape routes have been sealed off,homes are being demolished, and an emergency health clinic has been razed—all in the name of preparing the city for January elections. . . Thanks to Naomi Klein

Elwood Grobnik said...

More from the Tally Ho:

*When you absolutely have to kill every mother%&*^#$ in the room, accept no substitute.

*See this? THIS is my BOOM STICK!

Bob said...

Having grown tired of shredding bunnies into oblivion with a crossbow, Ted Nugent decides to exercize his 2nd Amendment rights BIG TIME.