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Friday, November 05, 2004

Gas Leak!

A little excitement around here. Apparently the idiots demolishing the two houses across the street didn't know enough to shut off the gas first, and yesterday they flooded the neighorhood. It smelled pretty bad, thankfully nobody was smoking. Anyway today the gas company came by and dug up the parkway on our side of the street to find the gas main and shut it off. This is the lovely hole on our block today, where the tumbledown house and Jessica's two-flat used to be:

Jessica was a Boomer-aged redhead who drove a Camaro. She had a great garden, we stole most of her bulbs after she sold the house. I hope they come back this spring.

These houses I'm not so pissed about because they were ugly and had no real historic value. However, I continue to be dismayed by the disrespect these developers have for the neighorhood and for the people who live here. I'd complain to the alderman, but I'm not sure Ted is on our side when it comes to development, let alone old man Gabinsky who still runs things around here even though he's not alderman anymore. He has the Party post which is more important: Chicago is much like the Soviet Union that way. Political, inept, prone to mysterious explosions . . .

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Trope said...

Of course, the Peoples Gas man who came to check out the gas leak drove up with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth, then threw it on the ground and stubbed it out with his boot as he left the van to inspect the scene. Now, it's funny. Then, not so much.
When I spoke to him he said that he could smell the gas driving up, before he even got out of the van. I worry that it was on all night, and got out of Dodge before he figured out whether or not to turn off the gas to the block.