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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen Your Sox

Saw my first game of the year! It didn't go so well for the Sox, alas. But the crowd, still slap happy over the world series title, didn't seem to mind one bit. After Contreras walked a guy, the drunken ass the next section over did scream "he sucks! Trade him!" . . . but then he laughed. What a difference a year and a championship makes! Sox fans who can laugh at themselves. Also, Sox fans who show up at games - the place was packed! In April!

But some things never change. The good? The bratwurst still rules on the South Side. The bad? The stupid "fan rivalry" expressed as homophobia, or sexism, or sexual harassment, or some bizarre, repressed combination of the above, as in [to a guy in a Mark Prior Cubs jersey]: "Hey Prior, I got your Wood right here!" Also an impossibly vulgar exchange in the men's room between several pissing white men and a large black man waiting in the urinal line (wearing a Wood jersey, natch) which ended with the the big guy, on his way out, saying "hey, I thought this was the ladies room." You're just going to have to conjure that one up yourself.

I can't wait to get back up to Wrigley Field where yuppie scum like me can run free and feel safe, and in love, and get plastered in peace, and where ignorant and offensive insults are kept where they belong (screamed at people from St. Louis and Houston, mostly).

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