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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Demolition of the Century: Yankee Stadium

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No longer content with his run of the mill brand of banal evil, George Steinbrenner apparently plans to build a new, modern stadium for the evil empire, to replace the House that Ruth Built. By new and modern, they mean adding luxury boxes for the wealthy while having fewer seats for regular fans. Have you ever seen a game from a luxury box? It sucks. You have to bring your own food or take an elevator just to get a hot dog. You're way up in the sky, but instead of getting in for cheap because you're not up close, you actually have to pay more. Wimpy old people like this setup because they get better bathrooms, but for everybody else it's just another way corporate types can avoid muddying their feet by sharing space with the rest of us suckers.

Why would I be pissed about this? you wisely ask. I hate the Yankees, right? But I love hating the Yankees, and I don't want them ever to change.

I can't even talk about this. At least they're not asking the public to pay for it (First of all, the Yanks will never leave New York, and secondly money never seems to be an object for Steinbrenner). I've got to figure out how to get back out to New York while it's still baseball season . . .

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Wells said...

Fear not Elwood, two things are in motion. First, you have until 2008 to see a game at Yankee stadium. Second, once they leave the house the Ruth built the dynasty is over. They will never win again...