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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Plug

Okay, so I "steal" stuff here and post it. But I attribute everything I can and I think everything I do would fall under "fair use." I mean, if you can't respond to the news and discuss it, what good is it?

But our dear friends at the New York Times have pushed me to the edge. Again. Trope pointed out this article in today's times, about life's little annoyances or whatever. In it, Ian Urbina writes:
But even on less coordinated levels, shared frustration is often the augur of countercultural trends. Mr. Shepsle said he took great solace in discovering his irritations with Starbucks' lingo summed up on a popular T-shirt in Chicago. The shirt, which mocks the pretentiousness of a certain Chicago neighborhood, features two names. Next to Lincoln Park it says "Tall, Grande, Venti." Next to Wicker Park it says "Small, Medium, Large."

Now I don't know Mr. Shepsle from Adam, but I do know those shirts. They're from Letizia's Natural Bakery at Division and Leavitt. Letizia is an Italian immigrant and energetic proponent of cooking with butter. Her other big selling T says "Don't Partially Hydrogenate Me." Her son, Fabio, baked our wedding cake and was good enough to open the premises to all us neighborhood Kerry supporters for public debate-viewing and fundraising. He made a passionate speech about how he became a citizen so he could vote, how sad it was that people don't participate.

And their cookies are great.

So hey, Paper of Record, give them some credit. And please, write an article sometime about something I know about that doesn't contain a factual error or omission. Okay? Just one.

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Trope said...

Mmm, chocolate pound cake. Who could NOT want to plug Letizia's? I think I'll have to drop by there this afternoon, to give them a cake photo and warn them to order more tshirts. Also to get a cookie. :)

So the NYTimes doesn't know anything about the stuff that we know about? Maybe that makes us a part of the secret counterculture. Or maybe it's time to start our own paper...