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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If fafblog's back then I guess I can post too

I hate blogger. I mean I really, really hate it. I just wrote a pretty good post and it got eaten because blogger thinks they're too cool to have cut and paste and select work with the same commands that work in every other program. So I erased it and can't undo. Thanks for ruining my night with your stupid interface guys! I hope you all get painful boils on your asses.

But it's free, so I'll probably keep using it for the time being.

I wrote about what I've been pissed about, why I haven't been blogging, and what's made me feel a little better about things. But I'm not seriously going to sit here and waste an hour typing the stuff I already typed once, so the rest of y'all are shit out of luck.

The important stuff: We walked down to Glade Memorial Hall to see the Vaudeville Underground show this evening. This edition is really cool, with jugglers, modern dance, performance art, and a band. There's one show left, tomorrow night at 7:30, which you should go see. I mean, if you don't take advantage of this stuff while it's here, you might as well live in Naperville.

Also, and I'm not sure I'm supposed to say anything yet so they will remain nameless here, but a little bird told me some friends of ours got hitched yesterday, on 6/6/6. That's just awesome guys, congratulations. And what an anniversary! I'd love to have a ring with that engraving, just wicked cool . . .

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Bob said...

The writing of the post is the most important part. The reading of it is just a bonus.