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Friday, April 08, 2005

A Break from Big Pimpin'

Windy City Blues is sort of on hiatus for a few weeks, because I am very tied up with things at work, which I can't write about. They are actually interesting things, filled with irony, drama, dark government plots and the works. They would be fun to write about, but I couldn't risk posting anything here that might risk harming the department, the social service agencies it works with, or the clients they serve. So I'll be taking a break for most of April, unless I'm really burning to write something not work-related.

However, I would like to take a moment and say something about how much I've appreciated living in Illinois the last few years, politically speaking. While nationally the conservative movement runs amok, here in the Land of Lincoln his party has been pretty well whipped. Sure, the Senate campaign with its 14 candidates and surprise special guest star felt like reality television, but it did succeed in crowning the new American Idol. Our state government has populist instings without a clear program, is given to grandstanding and often does things just to piss people off. In other words, they represent me pretty well.

Here's a wonderful example, brought to you by WQAD in Moline:
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. Prostitutes would be able to sue pimps who exploited them in the sex trade under a bill the Illinois House approved today.

The 110-to-zero vote sends the measure to the Senate.

The bill is sponsored by Democratic Representative Constance Howard of Chicago. It allows people up to ten years to file lawsuits against anyone who profited from their prostitution. Damages could be paid for physical or mental abuse.

Representative Patricia Bailey says the proposal is unnecessary. The Chicago Democrat says prostitutes can call police if they run into trouble.

Advocates say it's unlikely current prostitutes would sue. But those who have stopped and are trying to rebuild their lives might.

(The bill is SB1299. On the Net:
Rock. On. Now if they could only make it easier for them to join a union. Hey, if people say they want an end to prostitution, they should let them join AFSCME. Trust me, they'll never work again.

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